Growtopia Gems Generator – How to Get Free Gems


One of the most fascinating sandbox games on the internet is growtopia. On growtopia you have the freedom to create and to have fun beyond limits. However, playing growtopia without gems is not a most-beloved scenario. The gameplay becomes tedious and sluggish. The questions on everybody’s lips is: how to get free gems in growtopia? The best way to get free gems in growtopia is to make use of our latest growtopia gems generator for free daily gems. This hack will take your gameplay to new heights. However, there are some things you need to consider before trying this cheat.

Whate Are Gems

Gems in Growtopia are the foundations of any creator. Gems are used for purchasing all type of goodies which help you on your journey. If you are a builder or a traveler, you need gems. Gems are what makes the game interesting. You can farm gems on any world, but the best way to lock your own world so no one else can farm it but you. A world lock goes as high as 2,000 gems. Whilst this may not sound like a lot it can become a time waster to even collect so few gems. Gems can also be used to buy seeds which will crop and then collect the gems from the crops. This is actually one of the best ways to increase your gems volume.


One block in growtopia will cost you 151 gems. That is a lot of gems if you are a hardcore builder. To build a really complex world you would need to farm for tens of thousands of gems. This is not an easy task. This is why we need alternative methods of acquiring the gems. Paying for them is difficult. Some players cannot simply afford it. But what can anyone do is to take advantage of this growtopia gems generator. This tool will make it possible to finally have as many gems as you want.

An Online Growtopia Gems Generator

Having as many gems as you want and even more will enable you to enhance your creativity and your imagination. Having a limited amount of free gems daily will kill your imagination straight away. Only when you don’t have the limited resources you will be able to express your creativity instantly and widely. This is why we need a working growtopia gems generator that can help you get lots of free gems every day.

How To Get Free Gems in Growtopia Using This Tool

So if you are wondering how to get free gems in growtopia this is actually easy. There is a website which can be visited by going to this growtopia hack website. Here you will stumbleupon a button link which you need to click to go to the actual online page. On the online page is where the growtopia gems generator is operating. On the first tab you need to enter your username. Please recheck it so you are sure you typed in properly. On the next step you will have to select the amount of gems you want to add. Note that there is specific set of gems you can generate.

Thirdly, you need to select your location. On the bottom of the page there are the most important features. You have to activate these options! These are the features that will help keep your account 100% safe. Activating these options will simulate a payment process into your account. Doing this ensures your account credibility and prevents any risks of being banned. Lastly, you will hav e to click the generate button which will make the tool start. After a few minutes the selected amount of gems should be already into your account. This may take longer depending on the number of people using the program simultaneously.

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    Thank you I went to the official webite and theyr tool worked as you said.

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